Garden Update . . . It has pictures

Let's see now . . .

It's getting warmer, and with the rain we've been getting, the backyard garden (at mom's) is really booming.

The tomato crop is starting to come in, especially the grape tomatoes:

We're about to have a second wave of beans, and the first wave were nice and sweet, so we're excited to have more.

There are lots of big green tomatoes on the vines:

On a side note, I've become very fond of lemon basil tea - it's really quite tasty. So I'm trying to multiply my lemon basil crop so I'll have more to dry for tea.

The chamomile is still flowering madly, I'm excited to have that to sip all winter.

We rescued mom's rose bush from being swallowed by the hedge and it's been thanking us with blossoms:

The daylilies have also been quite happy:

But, then again, mom has always been good and growing low maintenance plants - it's her specialty.

I'm hoping, when Seth get's further into the impending pond project in the back yard, maybe we can grow some more daylilies in different colors - like not orange.

That's what we've got in the garden these days . . . not much going on on the fire escape at present, I'm still experimenting with how much sunlight some of these plants really need. Oh, wait, there is news - the Jalapeno on the fire escape now has four peppers growing on it, for a total of 5 so far. We smoked the first one, in an attempt at home made chipotle. It's an adventure, what can I say?

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