Hogwarts Questions

What type of pet do you choose as your companion at Hogwarts?

A cat, a short haired tabby.

While shopping in Hogsmeade you stop by Honeydukes for some sweets. What treats do you purchase for yourself?

Some nougat, and a sack of toffees.

A potion you are preparing needs an ingredient available only at muggle shops. You don't want to stand out in your wizards robes, so you resort to traditional muggle clothing. Describe your outfit in detail.

Basic blue jeans, hiking shoes, and a printed t-shirt.

What is your favorite subject to study at Hogwarts and why?

It's hard to choose one, I'm torn between Herbology, Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. My inner nerd greatly enjoys Ancient Runes and Arithmancy, but the care of plants is very calming.

Likewise, what subject is your least favorite and why?

Divination, because it's just too "fluffy."

Back to the potion you were shopping for ingredients for, what type of potion are you making, what color is it, what are the ingredients, and precisely what does the potion do?

I needed to make up some of Fred and George's bruise removing paste, which among other things contained turmeric and ginger, which were easy enough to find at a muggle grocer while I was out. It's a thick yellow paste which, when spread on a bruise will remove it in an hour. I bruise easily. I don't know all of the ingredients, I bought a base powder for it from their shop, but the powder smells like burnt hair and cheese.

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