Labor Day Weekend

As I was still on my Tuesday - Friday schedule at work, and the boy got Labor day off, we took our three day weekend and went up to the Creek with my mom. We cooked out with my Grandparents, took naps, swam in the river (which was delightfully nettle free), enjoyed the breezes on the porch, picked crab with friends for supper one night, picked crab again the next day for lunch, and generally relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. I got a bit of knitting done, but as I have begun the Christmas knitting I won't be sharing details until after the gifts have been received.

We took the kitten. That was an adventure. She snorts mid growl. Thankfully, I can report that no fur was flung in the taking of this vacation. It just wasn't completely quiet.


Cheryl in VA said...

"snorts mid-growl", that really must be quite the sound effect. It is good you are getting her used to being a travel about cat early on. It makes it easier later.
sounds like you had 'lovely' weekend, Good For You - you both deserve it.

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a marvelous time was had -- very RESTFUL!