A large portion of the people around here go out of their way to avoid crosswalks.

2% Greek style yogurt is quite possibly the greatest edible substance ever.

Especially if you have some raw honey on hand to mix into it.

When we find a house, it needs to have a place for me to hang my hammock.

I really need to figure out a regular routine . . . or else I forget things.

A good audio book is far better than the radio.

A good pair of shoes is worth its weight in gold.

Compressed pine cat litter is a beautiful thing.

Dried mangoes . . . bet you can't eat just one piece.

There's something satisfying about working with dough.

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Wyman said...

The longer I read your posts, the longer I become suspicious that in three years, you will be completely autonomous, generating your own electricity with a river mill and harvesting all your food from the fields and woods around your house. And yet you will still have the internet.