Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2007

Man was that ever fun! The boy and I drove up into Maryland Sunday morning to check out the Sheep and Wool Festival. We saw so many different kinds of sheep. Have you ever heard of Jacob sheep? They're cool! They can have 4 horns, two that wind around their ears fairly typically, and two that wind down around their jaw. This one only had two.

And they are so cute when they're little!

This one is a Corriedale, check out those cheeks.

Good times were had by young and old. We saw llamas.

And I think these are goats.

We watched a sheepdog demonstration.

And saw a lady spinning angora straight from the rabbit.

And, of course, we had to check out the alpaca. The one on the left is a huacaya, the one on the right is a suri. They were so soft.

There were also some who'd been sheared. This one is also huacaya - just with less hair.

It was a lovely cool spring day; we had lamb for lunch (gyro for me, burger for the boy), a couple of oldfashined sodas, and a great time. And for the record, I didn't buy any yarn. I did buy a little fiber and a drop spindle, but no yarn.


Cheryl in VA said...

Wow, you are amazing. I was at the Knitting Guild mtg last night and they were all talking about having been there too and how they had gone over budget on yarn.
Infact one woman had a skein of that angora bunny yarn.

Rebecca said...

My favorite is the Corriedale! Hmmm? No yarn? I thought the whole purpose of the Sheep and Wool Festival was to BUY yarn.

Wyman said...

People spin straight from the rabbit? It seems inhumane somehow. Also, weird.