This could be very exciting!

We're going to look at an apartment tomorrow - 2 bedroom, central air, washer/dryer hookup, deck, what sounds like a better kitchen, a cute little neighborhood, water view and a small dock, and a PLACE TO PARK TWO CARS!! It sounds ideal - but tomorrow will be the test. If we like it, and we can have it, we may very well move.

Is it sad that the parking is more exciting than the water or the possibility of having a washer and dryer?

I would like to thank the academy, Curly, and Craigslist!


Cheryl in VA said...

Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!
Parking (when living in town) is a VERY important aspect of living. Although a washer and dryer very close by is almost as important. Wow, AND a view of the water....

I sending out the good vibes for you. Although the way the weather has been the last couple days, a view of the water isn't hard to come by.... just look out any window. I must admit though, this has led to a view of green grass around my house.

Clidonia Acromantula said...

Oh, no...parking is a thing to be excited about! It's almost like hitting hte lottery when you get a goooood 2 car space! Whoopie! I hope you get it!