I should begin an adventure in posting more often . . . but seriously.

I need to get some photo's taken so I can show the fun stuff I've been up to, but the light in the apartment has been abysmal, what with winter and all and there being a good bit of rainy days. And I need to take some process shots of things, which is hard to remember to do when you're in the throws of actually doing it.

But beyond that I was having a thought the other day as to this whole adventure thing, and I was feeling a bit ungrateful for some of the "everyday" things I'd been taking for granted. Shame on me. I guess it's amazing what you can get used to, if you let yourself.

For instance, we haven't bought bread in over a year. It used to be that I made bread as often as I thought I had time, and when we ran out or I couldn't keep up with consumption, I bought a loaf. I seem to have settled into a pattern where I can keep up just fine.

Strange thoughts I have at 2am . . .


PixieRose said...

ok well with a post like this, whats your favorite recipe?


Cheryl in VA said...

I remember being in that phase. I am definitely hoping to get back into a routine of getting more stuff 'made' instead of purchased. I feel better when I am making things.
Will need to pick your brain for some of your preferred bread recipes.