Big Ball of Yarn

A few weeks ago the boy's parents came to visit us for a few days. I took them on a tour of the station, and we went down and had Rally's with the boy at the shop. They had fun checking out where we worked, and all in all it was a great visit. Thankfully for us, they didn't want to be kept entertained every minute of every day, so we could just relax and enjoy each other's company. It was really good to see them.

Now, about my title. The mother in law decided one afternoon that the fact that she'd been here three times now, and hadn't been to a thrift store was a crying shame. So I took her down to my favorite thrift store. We had a great time. She found 20 some odd Records (you know, that vinyl disc that our parents played music on??) straight out of the 80's for the sister in law to use for the upcoming spirit week at school. There was some great stuff in there. I on the other hand, knowing that I had $10 in my wallet, and that I could spend it, but not much more, decided to look for wool sweaters. I got three - none of which were big enough for me to wear, but that's not the point. We were going to unravel them.

Well, I came to find out, that two of them were made from such a fine gauge of yarn that trying to get them unraveled was a losing battle. Bless her heart, the mother in law worked to unravel one body section, but it came out in so many pieces, I'd be felting them back together forever. So I decided that that sweater and it's twin were a lost cause. Since we haven't touched the twin, I'll take it back as a donation, so someone can at least wear it.

But the larger of the three had a thicker yarn, and came apart beautifully. When I left for work Saturday night we'd undone the front and the back and one sleeve, and had three quite sizable balls of yarn. When I got home, the boy had finished unraveling the last sleeve, and had decided to take his new found knowledge of felting yarn together and make a GIANT BALL O'YARN!!!!

Isn't it cute? I'm thinking of knitting a pair of slippers for myself, and felting them so they're sturdy and warm. Whatever's leftover I'm going to save for a sweater project, when I find some more yarn for the illusive hooded sweater.

It's much thinner than the yarn I use alot right now see:

So it will knit up into a thinner, drapier fabric, and that means that the comparitive size of the ball makes for way, way, way more yardage. I'm excited. I will have to play this game again. The small green ball is about $3 of peruvian wool, nearly 200 yards. The big ball is about $3 of blue merino, unknown yardage.

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