Bad Planning . . .

So that last post was supposed to lead to a new post a few days later . . . but as I said, the boy has size 15 feet.

And why, may you ask, is that important?

Because it's taking freakin' forever to finish his socks!!!!

This is the first boy sock, finished early in the fall. Right now the second boy sock has about three white bars to go before I reach the point where I can start the red toe. Count back from where the red joins the grey at the toe, one, two, three . . . that's about where I am.

Never again will I knit boy socks on size 2 needles!! I swear to goodness!

It hasn't been cold enough for him to need them but maybe once, but honestly, I just want to be done. And I like knitting socks!

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Dana said...

those are beautiful!!!