News . . .

Ok, the good news is, as of last night, laying down my knitting and rolling over to go to sleep, I had finished the gray part of the boy sock . . . so today, I'll knock out the toe (for those who knit much, I'm rejoicing to be done with the k2p2 ribbing, and may not rib for a while, it's sooooooo slow!). The toe won't take me long, and then they'll be done.

In other good news, my other birthday present arrived today - sock blockers! I'll take pictures later, but they are currently re-stretching my beloved green wool ankle socks back into a shape that can contain my foot. For the record - accidently putting your 100% wool socks in the dryer is not good, but not insurmountable, but the process of bouncing back does cramp the toes a bit.

In yet more news, still good, the boy has begun trying to roast coffee - and his first attempt, in the little cast iron skillet on the grill, with a small bag of Columbian Supremo was a raging success in my opinion. He says there are things he can improve on, so I guess it will get even better from here! Mmmmm Java!

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