The Virginia Gray's Year End in Review

T'were the weeks before Christmas and all through th'apartment,
Two creatures kept stirring, to see time was well spent . . .

There was the Christmas knitting, of which I had not spoke,
Scarves and hand warmers for some beloved folk.

Striped scarf and fetching for the basketball star,
stylish yet practical, at least I hope that they are.

For the artist's chills, two pair-o-mitts and a scarf,
for when she's away from her home and her hearth.

For the mother who bore me, green mits for her hands,
though here in ol' Ginny there's less snow and more sands.

And when those were finished another project began,
with fabric and sewing machine, and needle in hand.

For the boy's mother, a window you see,
in the form of a lap quilt for her library.

For the sake of my sanity, I indulged just a bit,
a new pair of wool socks, that most likely would fit.

Christmas in Virginia was full with warmth and good cheer,
then we were bound for Indiana, to welcome the New Year.

There were basketball games, and much hollerin and hootin',
and while the refs weren't too "insightful," the girls had some good shootin'.

And with the sibs altogether for the first in a long while,
we spectated some wrestling that brought a big smile.

And now we are home, weary from long travels,
looking forward to this next year with all of it's revels.

No doubt these rhymes would make a certain uncle quite proud,
I hear the dryer's buzzer and it is quite loud.

All of this rhymin' leaves my head achin',
perhaps I should leave verse to him, and just stick to bakin'.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!


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Dana said...

your kitting is BEAUTIFUL!