More Knitting, Yay!!

Just to put it out there, because someone may ask - yes, I've found another job where I can knit at work. When I've finished everything I can do and am just waiting for a show to come down or something, my boss said I can knit, so long as I put it away if a tour group comes through or something. My new boss is awesome, by the way.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled knitting . . .

Zeebee by Schmeebot
Yarn: Knitpicks Bare Merino DK
Size: the boy's head . . . roughly 20" around and 8 3/4" to crown

The boy begged me to knit him a hat out of this yarn the minute I pulled it out of the dye pot. Truth be told, I didn't like the color combination much, but only because it wasn't what I had been going for. When I finally got around to reskeining it to see how the colors blended, I had to concede that it wasn't too bad looking. So when I needed a quick project last week, to break up some knitting monotony I figured it was time to make him a hat. I'd been dying to try the pattern, which is really more of a formula (feeding my inner nerd). Once it was finished he started wearing it around the house. No our AC is not on that strong, he's just adorable like that. He even slept in it a couple of times. Silly boy.

He wouldn't let me take a picture of his face, but hopefully you get the idea, I think it turned out pretty well. Now I want one. Maybe in something tweedy.


Cheryl in VA said...

I may need to take a peek at that pattern. I think my older 2 boys could concievably want hats now that they are both in college further north than the tidewater - which inevitably makes them tell me that the winters are cold. (this being told to someone who was born and raised and until age 30 lived in the great North East where we actually have winter) hee hee.
I love the look of the hat.

PixieRose said...

I just cast on for this very pattern the other night. But I'm frogging to find better yarn. Yours looks awesome. :)

How would you feel about trying to custom dye me some yarn (I can pay for the yarn and your time)?


kasiaiscarly said...

Yay for knitting at work. . . I can knit at work too, but since I work out of my house, it is hardly the same! Glad the new job is working out. I may make it to YfB finally Wednesday, hope to see you there :-)