An updaty thing

In my newly acquired age and wisdom I have decided on a plan of action for the remaining Christmas knitting (of which, thankfully, there is a manageable amount).

Mondays and Tuesdays will be for the sloggy project, as I am at work and watching shows* which require more of my attention - thus making the slogging seem much less sloggy.

Wednesdays will be for the small project that I have neglected for a while, as it really won't take me long to finish, if I just work on it.

Thursdays will be for the project I have yet to begin, so I will cast-on Thursday.

Fridays will be for the second half of a very quick project, as my time is not predictable those days.

Saturdays and Sundays will be for whichever projects need to make more progress before the week begins again.

And thusly, I will finish my Christmas knitting.

And upon completion of the Christmas knitting, I will begin a sock marathon as I have amassed a good lot of very pretty sock yarn that I want to turn into socks. Perhaps I will be Sockin' around the Christmas tree, and having a Sockin' New Year.

In other news, it looks very likely that I will have the Fox master control board to myself on Tuesday nights for a good long while, so when American Idol starts back up again I'll be stuck watching it. Sigh. That show pains me.

*Though sadly, there are no more new episodes of Chuck, Heroes, or Journeyman, but Fox has begun airing reruns of their primetime shows that I haven't seen yet, so they're new to me.


Cheryl in VA said...

This is, in a way, a good thing, as I have missed numerous episodes of Bones, and House, due to my revised work schedule which has me sleeping and/or getting ready for work, or on my way to work at those times.

Love your plan of attack (or is that organizational plan) for the Christmas Knitting. I am still planning to have Rick's Cardi done. As long as that occurs I will be content.

Jen said...

"Sockin' around the Christmas tree"
"Sockin' New Year."

Your sock humor and creative use of the term "slog" made me snort:)

And the question is, can one Christmas shop and knit at the same time?