All done

It's official, I finished the Christmas knitting at approximately 12:30 this morning. Now to survive three more late nights of work, some family holiday gatherings that are early in the morning, and a little more wrapping. A cookie and some egg nog and I should be good to go!


Cheryl in VA said...

Way to Go Girlfriend!!!!
Congradulations on meeting your goal. I still have Rick's Cardi to finish - I have a feeling it could be a situation of having all the pieces knit, but not blocked and seamed together. We shall see. I have a night shift tonight yet and then off until Wed night.

Have a Lovely Holiday!!

Jihad Hernandez said...

You are the martha stewart of the Appalachians. With less legal trouble. And tons more personable. MERRY CHRISTMAS, to the most kick-ass warrior in the kitchen and garden I know!!!