Well, that didn't take long

As I partly expected, the plan lasted exactly 4 days. By Friday I was happily deviating from the plan.

But, in other news, the small somewhat neglected project is finished, the sloggy project has gained a lot of ground, and the project that I hadn't cast on yet is moving along nicely.

And apparently I was wrong - there will be more new Journeyman, at least for a while.

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Cheryl in VA said...

Way to go Girl...

Next time it will maybe last for 8 days, then 16, and so on.

I am happily still knitting on things that hopefully will be done in time for giving.

Although I have run into a slight snag, in that I have managed to catch someones Sinus Bug... not pretty, nor nice. But, since sinus-y stuff tends to not allow me to do anything much, but sit and lie down, maybe I will get some knitting done and not feel guilty about not decorating (ie bending, stretching, lift etc)

Cant' wait to see all the bits. Hope to see you on Sat.