100 Things . . . or more

. . . that I want to be able to check off this list:

1. Bake bread without a recipe
2. Master flaky pastry dough
3. Master fluffy biscuits
4. Make yogurt
5. Churn my own butter
6. Make cheese (goat brie, yum!)
7. Make shepherd's pie with my own lamb
8. Learn how to best to preserve different foods
9. Put up enough tomatoes and tomato juice from my own garden to last through the winter
10. Develop a set of basic make-ahead-and-freeze dishes that we like to eat
11. Raise dairy goats
12. Raise alpaca for fiber
13. Raise sheep for fiber
14. Raise ducks (or maybe chickens) for eggs
15. Master consistently attractive (nay, gorgeous) hand dyed yarn
16. Sell my own yarn and fiber
17. Learn to spin and ply singles into usable yarn
18. Go through the whole process from shearing to sweater (hooded)
19. Make my own soap
20. Make more of my own clothing
21. Grow "lawn" furniture
22. Enter my photography in an art show
23. Work, if only briefly, as a professional portrait photographer
24. Develop a basic sock pattern that fits me
25. Publish a knitting pattern
26. Write a book (and until then, write more)
27. Find and attend an open drawing session
28. Model for an artist
29. Raise thoughtful and responsible children
30. Work for a college, preferably in a media or theatre department
31. See rural France, and spend a day or two in Paris if I feel like it
32. Learn three more languages to a 4th semester college level
33. Raise bees and eat more honey
34. Spin the whole fleece of a sheep I've had a chance to meet
35. Own a spinning wheel
36. Collect attractive and useful drop spindles

This list is a perpetual work in progress. I intend to add and cross off items over the years, and someday I hope to have more than half of the items crossed off.