Yeah, no post yesterday . . . I had something else to do when I got home . . .

I had finished my first Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style

And the boy and I had made a pair of blocking boards over the weekend, in anticipation of my casting off the shawl. We stretched some cheap walmart sheet and batting over foam core (we doubled up the 1/4" boards, because we couldn't find the 1/2" board where we were shopping) and stapled it on the backside - we basically upholstered two rectangles.

So I dropped the shawl in a bowl of cool water with a little soap, and let it soak for half an hour or so. Then I stretched it out and pinned out the points to let it dry.

Those striped rectangles are my blocking boards, which proved to not be quite enough space for the shawl, so I grabbed a couple cardboard boxes, of which we have a plenty, to expand my space.

The great part is that after blocking, the fabric of the shawl is flat (it was really lumpy before) and it drapes nicely. This is the first of four, I hope. I don't think I'll use the exact same pattern for each one, but I may knit one more of these, I enjoyed it.

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PixieRose said...

I'm jealous of your blocking boards. I want to make myself some now. I've yet to venture much into lace knitting. But that is soon to end. I have the yarn just not sure which pattern I want to use yet (I'm leaning more toward making one up on my own).