A roller coaster day . . .

Up until 8pm, this had been a fairly rough day. The morning was a bumbling mess for me. Work didn't go terribly well. I did the grocery shopping after. But when I got home, it began to improve. First I put away the groceries and did the dishes, then I put a couple chickens in the oven. I love the smell of chicken roasting and lemon.

Then I made a quick supper, artichoke tortellini tossed with sausage and asparagus - scraps from the fridge, a bit of sausage from the half we didn't use for biscuits and gravy over the weekend, and the last of the asparagus before it went off. The tortelini is frozen, a less than recent purchase from trader joes. I'd made them once before, and didn't like them - they needed something with them, and at the time I couldn't figure out what, but the sausage did the trick, and hit the spot. It made up for not being able to eat the chicken.

Then it was time to check the mail - and low and behold, the packages I'd been expecting were waiting for me. First a box of yarn from an internet forum aquaintance, she didn't like how it knit up, but I'm really excited about it. Four balls of Knitpicks Essential, two in grass green, and two in chocolate brown. It's a fingering weight sock yarn, machine washable. I think it's destined to be a pair of boy socks, and a hat for me.

The second was a goodie box from my secret pal! She's the best! I'll post about it tomorrow, when there's better light to take a picture of the goodies. Nothing like a box of sweet thoughts to make a dull day a bit brighter. And I have a very sweet pal.

And to top it all off, after all my talk about the sock club I went to check the blog today only to find that in the contest they'd held to name some new yarn colors, not only had my suggestion gathered enough votes to be chosen, but my name had been drawn to win YARN!! I never win things - this improves a what had started as a bad day, considerably.

Now does anyone have a brilliant suggestion for creative ways to prepare cooked chicken?

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