Enough Baby Knitting For Now

Here are the final pictures of the baby stuff, right before I wrapped it up. This was fun, and the yarn was delightful, but I'm done with little stuff for a while, and I've had enough pink for the year.

I went to sew the zipper onto the sweater, only to realize that I'd bought a zipper that didn't separate at the bottom (oops), and I didn't want to make the two sets of ties that the pattern called for, because they didn't sound very practical for a toddler's sweater. So I finally decided to knit some icord, and make a button and a loop - just something to hold the sweater together near the neck, but not be hard or scratchy. And I managed to make the labels for the tags - I ironed them onto some ribbon and sewed them into the hats and the sweater. I'm not sure how they'll be as far as being scratchy, but I hope they'll hold up. I only made what I needed for these projects, so at least for now they're "Woolly Ones." I even found a little lamb picture to put on them. I'm such a dork.


PixieRose said...

what pattern did you use for the baby hats or did you make it up as you went?

~Jessica (from yarn for breakfast)

Cheryl in VA said...

I think they all look Great. I am so proud of your use of pink. Maybe next year you will do pink twice (yeah right). You are miles ahead of me with doing so many different things. I love it all. See you on Sat