My pal is awesome!

I have been completely put to shame: pictured above is what arrive in the mail yesterday from my wonderful pal, meanwhile, I have yet to do thing one for mine. The good news is I have ideas, but I need to get the errands run to have the cool stuff to mail. It's coming, it's definitely coming.

But for now I'm enjoying my goodies. Thanks so much to my pal! The yarn is Cascade 220, which I hear is great for felting. I haven't decided what to make yet, but I'm excited. And once the weather gets warmer, and I can do more outside with them, I'm going to try planting some of the lavender seeds to see if I have better luck with them that way. I didn't do a good job of giving it a prominant position in the picture, but in the back is one of those nifty bags with the collapsable wheels on the bottom, and it's got a pretty cherry pattern on it - I foresee it filling up with yarn soon.

I had mentioned something about not running out of yarn . . . I'm not up for it today, but it will come, I promise.

On another note, the 90 minute newscast this afternoon was hellish - but when it was over and my pulse was still through the roof, my boss said I did a good job. It made my day! There will be more news on the job front soon, but not just yet.

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