Crazy 80's music and stuff . . .

Allow me to properly introduce my little friend, he's from Maryland. He needs a name, any ideas??

And this is the booty from that trip - 80/20 Alpaca silk. It's so soft, and since I think it's sliver (or combed top) it spins up into nice smooth thin singles.

Thus far I think I've spun up about 1/3 an ounce of the 4 ounces that came in the bag. I'm kicking myself for not getting two bags, as I'm trying to spin this up as lace/fingering weight to knit myself a scarf/shawl for Spun Stitches (check out the link on the left towards the bottom of the page, we may be insane, but we're all insane together!)

See? A happy little football of yarn-to-be. I hope I like the final product, but if it turns out too girly . . . I think I know where it needs to go.

** points to anyone who names the reference in my title.

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