JMU Socks . . . for lil' sis

Here they are, in all their glory (wet and on sock blockers) . . .

I'm definitely in love with this pattern: it's quick, it's simple, the combinations are endless, and it makes for comfy socks.

I think the heels turn out kinda cool - see?

Since I figured these guys out from a looking at them on Eunny Jang's blog . . . I'll share what I know.

Most basically:
Using your favorite toe construction method, make a toe in color 1 for a 64(68,72, however many stitches fit your foot) stitch sock. Work 4 rows in color 2. Continue up foot changing colors every 4 rows.

Do not break yarn in between stripes, just carry the strand up the inside of the sock, the stripes are narrow enough that this shouldn't be a problem. Use a jogless striping method if you like (I used this one - the first one on the page).

When the foot is long enough (in my case, after nine stripes of color 2) make a heel of your choice (I did short row). Work the same number of stripes - or more if you like - up the leg. Work at least 7 rows of 1x1 rib and bind off loosely.

Repeat for sock #2, reversing the colors if you like.

Two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport works great for these. For JMU colors I used Sunshine and Blackberry. Asbury colors would be Blackberry and Natural. Louet Gems Sport would also work well.

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PixieRose said...

what size needles did you use?