So, about that garden update . . .

Once again, I'm behind, and these pictures are a little old . . . but it's progress.

The bed is shaping up nicely. The tomatoes are filling out; the beans, cucumbers, and squash have sprouted and are coming up nicely. The viney plants will be growing on those three tee-pee's in the back.

This one has two different kinds of cucumbers on it, though they're both supposed to be smallish green pickling cukes.

The green zebra tomato won the race for who was going to set fruit first, and when I checked them this morning, they were starting to show the telltale stripes.

I'm really hoping I've done better by the paste tomatoes this year. Last year they were planted in a spot that got too much shade, and they never really recovered. I really want to can or freeze as many of these as possible for use over the winter.

This is my little herb box. I wanted to get the herbs up higher, both for easier picking and for increased drainage. I've got rosemary, thyme, chamomile, two kinds of parsely, chives, and lavender. I transplanted the lavender from the window box I had at the apartment. It just wasn't happy there - it was getting swamped too often with winter and spring rains. I hope it likes it better in the bed.

But as you can see it bloomed despite the less than ideal conditions. I'm excited to see what the two varieties I have will do if I can get the conditions the way they'd like them. We'll just have to see I guess.

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Rebecca said...

I am envious of all those who have gardens right now and YOU are no exception! 9,035 ft elevation coupled with deer, bear and other herbivores do not produce gardens of any variety.

Those little green tomatoes in your garden are making my mouth water for the fried green tomatoes of my childhood!