All in a row . . .

I had a bit of trouble with this sock. I put the stitches on a holder (read: dental floss) so I could make use of the needles. Once I put it back on, the stitches didn't line up anymore. I must have forgotten something. Or else, the stitches had a dance while they were waiting for me to come back. Either way, I frogged the cuff I had started, and began again. At the time I was taking pictures I had finished one pattern repeat. I have now finished two of the 16 row repeats. I love how organized this sock looks - twisted stitches are so well defined. I'm using Knitpicks bare superwash merino fingering weight that I dyed a while back. I'm just loving the way the colors blend. This is great knitting when you just need life to make sense.


Cheryl in VA said...

Oh Wow, I can't wait to see this in person (you know, touch it feel it, inspect it and see how it really works)
This is enough to make those last two lost days worth it.
Yep, I have been sick, but today seems to be my turning point, and not a day too soon.
See you tomorrow evening

PixieRose said...

these are simply gorgeous. I started to second guess the pattern and decide it wasn't for me and to just look for something else. But seeing this has rekindled my love for the pattern. I can't wait to start mine (although I just started clessidra so they will have to wait).