Shetland Triangle

I think I'm going to work on making the finished object posts a bit more official. So here goes.

Shetland Triangle, from Wrap Style (Interweave Press)
Yarn: 1 hank Knitpicks Bare Fingering Weight Merino, dyed with Jaquard dyes
Modifications: repeated the body pattern two extra times before starting the border, because I still had yarn left

I love how this turned out. I'm thinking about blocking it again, because I think I need to stretch it a bit more. I can attest that blocking is indeed a miracle process; when I cast off I had a lumpy mass of wool, but after it was blocked and dried, I had a drapey shawl. I'm actually a bit jealous. This is for my grandmother, so I have to let it go. I intend to knit three more - one for each grandmother, by Christmas. Thus far, this is all I have. No idea if I'll finish the other three on time. Thankfully the pattern doesn't take all that long. The other question is whether or not to change patterns at some point. I have found a few patterns that function the same way, but with a different stitch design. I had a great time dyeing the yarn. Perhaps what I need to do is dye some yarn to knit myself one; I really do like the slight variation of my hand dyed "solid" colors. Maybe a thicker yarn, to make it warmer, a bit less frou-frou, and more me. A tanish shade perhaps? Hmm . . .

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Gramknits said...

This is beautiful. Be sure you make one for yourself.