A plea

No, not flea.

I have recieved, from the wonderful mavens at Blue Moon Fiber Arts, a skein of their Socks that Rock lightweight in a colorway called Undertoe. For. Free. (soon to be available to the general public, I think) I am so very grateful, and excited. As part of the sock club, they held a colorway naming contest. The theme was tides, and being a pun nerd I thought Undertoe was a great name for sock yarn. Aparently I wasn't alone. My name ended up drawn from a hat for a free skein of yarn. I will take a picture of it soon, still working on the staging area.

That said, I have a problem. I really like the colors in this yarn - it's pale purple/lavender which gets a little pink at times, tan, and a foresty green. My problem is, after seven or so attempts to start a sock on a variety of needle sizes, stitch counts, and stitch patterns, I cannot defeat the striping/barber polling. I just want to see the colors blend together in my finished piece. Aparently, socks that fit my feet are not the answer. And socks that are just slightly larger and would fit my mother aren't it either.

So my question, for all the knitters who might read this, or for anyone who just happens to have an idea, is what should I knit?? I have around 360 yards of light fingering weight superwash merino, that apparently doesn't want to be socks. Anyone else tried something fun with Socks that Rock that caused the angelic voices to start into the Halleluja chorus when you cast off? I'd kinda like to keep this yarn close, since I won it for naming it. I just don't know what to do, but the frogging needs to stop, now.


Gramknits said...

I think you have self striping yarn and are going to get some type of stripe no matter what. You might not be a bothered by stripes in fingerless gloves.

Queue said...

I should probably specify that this is a handpainted yarn, not necessarily self striping, but in the round for the circumference of my foot, at a fairly tight guage, it begins to look that way. If I don't work in the round, or have a good deal more stitches, it blends very nicely.

Cheryl in VA said...

The other option might be a pattern that I used for my Mom's socks which - as per the write up - can help ease color pooling. I think because it causes a 'dip' in the pattern the colors dip into each other.
Will bring it with me on Sat if you can survive to wait that long.
By the way how are those Bayerische socks from Eunny coming along. Would love to see those on Sat as well.

Cheryl in VA said...

Can you help me?? I desperately want to put one of the Secret Pal 10 buttons on my blog and I cannot fo the life of me figure out how. I did the one from Meet-up but the others don't seem to work the same way.

Ms. Peabody said...

If you haven't already found a solution, what about a nice lacy hat? there's a beautiful pattern in Handknit Holidays (eliminate wierd hanging strands).