News on the job front . . .

So, I started working full time hours this week.

Instead of going in from 2:45 and working 'til 7, then turning around and working 9:15-12, now I go in at 11 and come home around 7. I've been running the audio board for the 90 minute newscast for a couple weeks now, and it's getting easier. I really struggled with audio for the 11pm news a couple months back, and I've had some of the same problems getting accustomed to the 90, plus it's three times as long. My awesome boss moved me to the newsroom camera for the 90 today and the rest of this week, for a break. And hopefully, I'll get to be in the camera rotation from time to time, just to break things up a little. I honestly get really weary of dealing with the craziness of the 90 minute newscast for 5 straight days. Unfortunately, for me to do anything else during the 90 means someone has to run the audio board - and today that was Nathan. He's not completely thrilled, but I think if it's more like one or two days a week, it won't be so bad. And overall, I think it will lead to more clean shows and less mistakes.

Now, bear in mind, I do not have a full time job, yet. I've taken over someone else's duties, and I'm training to direct, so I work 40 hour weeks (or 50, next week), but I'm not a full time employee. All thoughts of that have to wait until the change of hands actually happens. I'm also still making the same hourly wage, but 40 hours each week is a decent increase for me. I hope to have more good news after the sale goes through - so about a month or so.

In other news, I hope to have some sock pictures up soon, but after that it may take a little while before I post more knitting or baking pictures. I have plans to set myself up with a mini-studio for shooting those things. A couple of light fixtures plus a TV tray and some black fabric should do the trick. Maybe now I'll have an excuse to find a pair of 150 watt daylight balanced cfl's . . . toys!

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