In which our intrepid knitter questions . . .

. . . everything she learned in driver's ed.

So I'm driving from work to the store tonight, for some much needed grocery shopping. We were out of All Bran (do we sound 70 yet?) and in need of a gallon of milk. Cruising down the street behind a green Celica, I come up to a light going from yellow to red. I stop. So long Celica. Behind me is a silver Scion. Behind me. Traffic on the cross street comes to a stop, but our light hasn't turned green yet. Silver Scion pulls up to my right, as if to make a right turn when the light turns green, but before it does, silver Scion is off in front of me, down the street. Did I miss the light change? No, just changed. Huh. So on I go, now behind the silver Scion. Come to another red light; silver Scion is behind green Celica. Same trick. Silver Scion pulls around green Celica while it waits for the light to change, and heads off having effectively cut in line. Six blocks later, I pull up next to silver Scion in the leftmost left turn lane (I am in the second left turn lane). The light is red. Cross traffic slows to a stop, and silver Scion is off, a full second and a half before the light changes.

Am I nuts?? Green means go, right? Silver Scion had Florida plates, he's going to have a rude awakening when he discovers both that people in this town generally run red lights as they turn red not green, and that his Scion is no match for a "real" car in a colision. Part of me is smug, is that bad?

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Jihad Hernandez said...

As long as you're not objectifying men as you're smug, I think it's okay.