An Eye Candy Friday

I haven't been too sure of what I've been thinking lately . . . but as you may have noticed, I'm challenging myself to post more often. It's looking like posting Monday through Friday is working for me. So, in light of the fact that I hadn't come up with anything much to say today, I thought I'd share what's been tugging at the corners of my mind, for a lot of reasons.

We've heard of a couple of possibilities for us to move out of the city, to a place with some wide open space, and green things, and quiet. We've talked about living in the country, and raising animals, for food and for fiber. The thought of being a stay at home mom, as it has for most of my life, dances in front of me, with a brighter hope of possibility than it once had. The boy is musing over barn and pen layouts. I'm drooling over baby chicks, dairy goats, and fluffy white alpaca fiber boys. That's why the picture is not just eye candy - that's where my head is these days.

I'm waiting on a yarn order, for my first sweater! I'm attempting a baby's hooded sweater knit continually from the top down, which is supposed to be a bit simpler than knitting it in pieces - plus no bulky seams for the baby. If it goes well (and be asured, there will be pictures, you'll have to pardon the pinkness, but it's for a mother's first daughter, so it needed to be girly) I might try some more.

I'm starting to consider ways to fund my knitting - like selling some items, perhaps baby items, and using the profits to buy yarn for my own projects. Not sure how I feel about that yet.

Plus, my boss mentioned today that she'd like to start training me to direct . . . and immediately my mind began to wonder if, perhaps, there might be a full time position in my future. Then I started realizing the complications, but we're working on those. I have no idea if this actually means I might get closer to being full time, but even the hint of it sends me reeling into thoughts of mortgages and real estate, and other getting out of the city goodness.

You know, for not having much to say, I've sure typed alot. I'm done now.

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Jihad Hernandez said...

Barns, Pens, baby chicks, livestock.......Oh dear Sweet Oblivion...this is the purest happiness I've ever known!

Country Road, take me home, to the place, I belong.......