What on God's green earth?!?

The parking area behind our apartment building is not exactly expansive. It used to be that we could park in the neighboring Church parking lot, during the week, but they have since ended that priviledge. Anyway . . . I had to park across the street last night, for lack of space behind the apartment building. I usually park in front of a house on the corner across the street, and I did so last night. The house on the corner is a rental, possibly a duplex.

Well, I walked across the street to get my truck and head to work this afternoon, and out front of the house were some tree-trimming guys cleaning up from some clearing they'd done. They watched me get into the truck and drive off, and I'm pretty sure they were laughing at me. I didn't know why at the time. Now, the house has had a for lease with option to own sign out front for a good couple of weeks, and I think the last tenants must have moved out today.

Well, I continued on down the road, and a couple of minutes later I discovered why the tree-trimming guys had been laughing at me. Whoever just moved out of the house, deposited an old air conditioning unit in the bed of my truck! It's still there. And it's a little rusty, and it has no cover, so all the guts are exposed. And I'm giving it back: when the boy gets home tonight we're going to remove it from the truck. But seriously - how random is that??

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