Hmm . . .

Let's see here . . . I'm makin' progress with life here kids.

I ordered the transplants for the garden this summer, a dozen tomatoes and peppers of various types . . . so coming in april, baby vegetables!

I knocked out the last of the pink knitting (yay! it's about time!). Now I'm in the middle of the yellow, and once that's done, on to the green. Three hats, three pairs of socks.

I am contemplating offering to knit socks for anyone who will pay for the yarn (in this case, I'm thinking of the yarn I've been using for the baby stuff, soft, squishy, superwash merino) and measure their feet for me. Not sure yet . . . but this softness needs to be shared.

The air conditioner is finally gone!!! Enough randomness, thanks.

The baby sweater still needs a zipper, and a tag. And I need to have them wrapped up by Saturday.

That's where I am, kids, random as ever.

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