Scrap Yarn and operating systems

What? Huh? Has she lost her ever-living mind? Probably.

So, to continue the plot from the last post . . . what does one do when the project for which they dyed 100 g of yarn only requires 52 g? Play with the extra yarn, of course!!

It of course follows that if said experimentation turns into something of value, I should lay it on the scanner and share my excitement. I don't think I've knit much from scratch yet, this might actually be the first time.

What is it, you ask? It's not obvious?? Ok, well, if it was in it's natural habitat, it would be, but it didn't photograph well that way, hence the scanning. It's a cozy sleeve for my Nalgene bottle. A smart chick who has great ideas showed me one once that she'd made by felting an old sweater, and using her great talent with sewing. She doesn't knit. I'm not so good with the sewing. She inspires me nonetheless.

It still needs a bottom, I think. But I'm not sure what I'm going to do there, so for now it's a tube. Here's to iced tea that stays cold, and coffee that stays hot for more than the first 1/2 litre!

yes, it's a cheesey mac reference
yes, its a bad pun too
yes, I have more yarn left . . . what greatness shall I work next?

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