How cool is that?? I found it here.

I've been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, as I knit, and it's been wonderful.

Now, I have a question to pose to the wonderfully smart people who might decide to answer me:

If you were going to sew a label into a handmade (in my case, handknit) item what would it say? I want to put the washing instructions on there, and maybe a small image, but I'm dealing with a 3/8" by 1.5" space. Handcrafted with love? From my needles to you? I'd like something with a little bit of a coolness factor, since if I'm going to print up the iron on transfer page, I'm going to go ahead and fill it. I'd like to like the labels 6 months from now when I'm still using them.

Coming tomorrow - the continued story of the baby sweater. It's got sleeves now people - I actually did something right!!


Jihad Hernandez said...

I guess something like "Q-tees" would be out of the question.

I'll have to keep thinking.

Jihad Hernandez said...



wooley ones

Better'n Chutney

Virginny knits

Mr. Stitches

Old Time re-Stitchin'


Blame it on the Rain

Chubbers(what I call my dog nowadays)

Brrr! Babies

that's all I got.