Utilitarian Knitting

At some point recently, the boy confessed to me that our dishwashing setup did not meet his needs and expectations. He needed a dishrag. So, being me, I decided to knit him one.

And I discovered, as I was making it, that dishcloths are a) fun to knit, b) really quick to knit, and c) getting me out of doing all the dishes. So I made more. And when I made a trip to Michael's to use a gift card, I discovered that they had a decent selection of cotton, but that their wool was substandard. So I got more dishcloth yarn.

Now I always have a quick satisfying project on hand when I need something to "finish-dammit!"

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PixieRose said...

dishcloths are my instant gratification project. I do them in between socks or during sweaters or afghans or what not. Its also a great way to try out a new stitch pattern or to experiment with different ones. I like to play with cables, but dont find that I like lace much when it comes to washing dishes (although there are a lot of lace dishcloth patterns out there *shrug*).

~Jessica (from yarn for breakfast)