Goodness gracious me!

Well now, let's see. A point was raised about Monday's post by Curly, who sat and thought about what I'd said, and noticed an important bit lacking in my writing.

You have created Five Principles of Knitting, but NONE of these points demonstrate the prior existence of God to someone who doesn't already believe in Him, and in a general idea of His goodness and creativity.

She's quite right. I guess what I was trying to explain was how the existence of knitting proves to me that God must exist. Logical arguement not being my strong suit, I'm not even sure I did that, but when I try this writing thing, what you see is what you get. So there's that, and thanks to Curly for keeping me on track.

Now, on to what's on my mind today - Things that bring me joy.

The heel of a loaf of sourdough spread with butter and honey, warmed on the stove top

The fact that I made that sourdough, all by myself! (yes, my inner 5 year old is alive and well)

Being able to go hang out with my (nearly?) 90 year old grandmother, show her the socks she "gave" me for my birthday, and bring her a loaf of bread.

Having a job, and cool people to work with, and hang out after work at a bar playing pool with, who don't mind when I suck mightily.

Flying grasshoppers - very yummy

Orchids - apparently I may have found a houseplant that I won't inevitably kill.

A little house in a nearby small town, that might be for rent.

Libraries - free books are AWESOME!

Librivox.org - go check them out - way cool!

Yarn for Breakfast - cool chicks, coffee, and communal knitting. I know other knitters now!!

Joy - it's just cool.

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