This post contains images of unmitigated cuteness. Those with moderate to extreme cuteness sensitivity, emotional disorders, hormonal imbalances, cataracts, glaucoma, severe kidney disease, high cholesterol, low blood sugar, are pregnant or could become pregnant may wish to look away. You have been warned.

I finished knitting the baby sweater. All it needs now is the zipper attached and lined with ribbon, and a tag at the neck. So I gave it a bit of a photo shoot. Not my best work, but the cuteness is there.

I even took it outside, and let it flap in the breeze. But it got a chill, so I took it back inside.

All in all a good knit, fairly quick, and nicely not-complex for my first attempt at a real garment. With the remaining yarn (1 7/8 balls of each color, or so) I am knitting little hats and socks, one set in each color. I'm warning you now, more pictures will follow - you may just want to avoid me for the next couple weeks.


Dana said...

Susan, it looks amazing! i'm proud of you :)

PixieRose said...

It looks great. Can't wait for matching sock posts. Keep them coming