Free to a good home . . .

Here, stacked on top of a small pile of dishcloths is my first square for Warm Up America. A while back the nice lady who organizes our knitting group invited the group over to her house to hang out, watch a marathon of knitting shows on the DIY network and knit these squares (well, rectangles) for WUA. Sadly, I only recently finished the one I started that night; however, it was a pleasant and quick knit, so I think it will soon have some siblings. I have half a mind to make a whole afghan's worth and put it together myself, to give to a shelter. It's a great way to rid my living room of the balls of leftover yarn from past projects, and I can try different stitch patterns each time.

If anyone is interested, go check out the Warm Up America site - they're very encouraging to anyone who want's to knit for them.

I have half a mind to knit them as swatches of stitches I find in the Barbara Walker books - when I have another one, I'll share.

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